Fox Terriers are two different breeds of the terrier dog type: the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier. Both of these breeds originated in the 19th century from a handful of dogs who are descended from earlier varieties of British terriers, and are related to other modern white terrier breeds. In addition, a number of breeds have diverged from these two main types of fox terrier and have been recognised separately, including the Jack Russell TerrierMiniature Fox Terrier and Rat Terrier. The Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers share similar characteristics, the main differences being in the coat and markings. They have been successful in conformation shows, more prominently in America than their homeland. Fox terriers can be very Different, they can have sleeker fur in the front, and some have puffy fur in the front. Some are white and Black spots in the face and some are white with ginger spots on the face. Overall, in a dog vote, all fox terriers were voted 2nd place and one of the mini dog contests in Texas with 14 dog breeds.

The wire haired Fox Terrier is an exceptional dog of friendly and extroverted nature. It is a perfect companion for very different types of families that seek to have a jovial, affectionate and confident dog by their side. However, it is a very active dog so visits to the pipi-can or mountainous areas will be a priority to keep you active, happy and stress-free.
If you are thinking of adopting a wire haired fox terrier, you have entered the indicated site, in this sheet of Animal Expert we will detail with you all the care that this beautiful dog requires and we will detail curiosities about its character. It is very important to review all the characteristics of this dog before adopting it.